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AirPod's mission is to offer individuals a secluded sanctuary amidst the chaos of daily life. They have engineered a state-of-the-art napping pod, infused with intelligent features and encased in an aesthetically pleasing design. Whether you wish to take a nap, browse the internet, rejuvenate, or entertain yourself, AirPod provides the ideal private retreat.

My Role

I collaborated with the Airpod team, assisting them with the designs for a mobile application aimed at users. This application enabled users to reserve a pod and access the selected pod. Additionally, I designed an application within the pod itself, which served to manage the pod. This allowed users to control all the pod's functions, including oversight of various modules such as lighting, air conditioning, and the media system.

Duration: 2019 - 2020

Type: UX/UI design
Technology used: Figma

Mobile App

The mobile application enabled users, when at the airport, to easily reserve and use a napping pod through the app. With a few simple steps, they could select their desired resting time and the location of the napping pod, thus ensuring a peaceful and comfortable haven for a short rest or relaxation before continuing their journey.
AirPod Mobile App AirPod Mobile App

Pod App

Each pod was equipped with its own iPad, which served as a means to control the pod's functions. For this, I designed user interfaces that allow the user to access desired features with a few simple clicks. The application offered the option to choose between different modes of operation, including a meditation mode, with the critical aspect being that the user could easily lock or unlock their pod at any time.
AirPod Pod App AirPod Pod App
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