Amores de Clementis

  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-end Development
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Our family kennel, Amores de Clementis, which I run together with my mother Karina, is home to three delightful Havanese Bichons - Lara, Roxy, and Balu. Established on May 8, 2019, it is officially registered with the International Canine Federation (FCI) under the number 11/2019. We are also proud members of the Slovenian Club for Toy Breeds. Our dogs are the heart of our kennel, our loyal family members who bring joy and color to our daily lives.

My Role

The goal of our website is to showcase our beloved four-legged friends and share the latest news from the dog shows we've attended. Additionally, the site provides insights into our past litters, aiming to convey our passion and dedication to breeding to dog enthusiasts.

Project date: 2018

Type: UX/UI design, Font-end development
Technology used: Sketch, PHP, Bootstrap
Amores de Clementis Website Amores de Clementis Website
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