• UX/UI Design
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Boomerang is a mobile application that serves as an innovative bridge between businesses (advertisers) and users. When a user successfully completes a survey, they are rewarded with a Boomerang for their effort. Additionally, users can engage in other activities within the app, such as playing games, viewing advertisements, and more, for which they are also rewarded with Boomerangs. Each Boomerang acts as a ticket to participate in a weekly draw, offering 30 cash prizes. This system not only encourages user interaction with the app but also allows businesses to directly communicate with their customers, collect valuable feedback, and optimize their services or products based on the gathered data.

My Role

My role involved the development and visual enhancement of the application we were collectively creating. I introduced a new method for earning boomerangs within the app, incorporating interactive games and watching advertisements, in addition to completing surveys.

Duration: 2015 - 2017

Type: UX/UI design
Technology used: Sketch
Boomerang App Boomerang App Boomerang App

The impact

With the new approach I introduced, we have enhanced the application's experience and made the app more enjoyable than before. As a result, we have


increased user engagement

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