• UX/UI Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Front-end Development
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Briefd is a technology company that develops the AutoBriefd platform for used vehicle dealers. This platform serves as a one-stop solution where dealers can manage their vehicle inventory, issue invoices, create vehicle-related documents, and offer leases and warranties at the point of sale.

My Role

At Briefd, I wore multiple hats: I was responsible for the design of the AutoBriefd platform, updated the company's brand image, designed and programmed websites for Briefd, AutoBrief, and DigiBrief, and also took over the product development of the platform.

Duration: Mar 2020 — Jan 2022

Type: UX/UI design, User research, Brand Identity, Font-end development, Prototypes and Testing, Product development
Technology used: Figma, Wordpress, Angular

Corporate Identity

Since we divided our products into two distinct categories at Briefd, we created two separate brands: AutoBrief and DigiBrief. Consequently, we had to tailor the visual identity to align with the overarching Briefd company brand.
Briefd Corporate Identity Briefd Corporate Identity

AutoBrief platform

The AutoBrief platform empowers used vehicle dealers to accelerate their sales and streamline their operations. AutoBrief's mission is to provide dealers with ''one-click'' access to essential information needed for their business.
Briefd Platform Briefd Platform Briefd Platform


When designing the website, I built upon the visual identity that I had developed. The website's purpose is to showcase the functionalities of the AutoBrief platform, its usability, the diverse clientele it serves, and the business partners with whom it's integrated.
Briefd Website Briefd Blog

The impact

Because dealers had previously managed their vehicle records in Excel and prepared documentation in Word, our platform has significantly eased their workflows and optimized their operations. This has allowed them to focus more on sales itself, rather than bureaucratic processes. With the use of the platform, we have achieved:

15% market share

in the first 4 months

+ 200

sold vehicle

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