Grgar Farm

  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-end Development
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The history of Grgar Farm dates back to 1920, and they have been specializing in chicken farming since 1967. They offer premium quality chicken meat. Their commitment to quality and welfare is straightforward - the chickens are exclusively fed with locally sourced grains and are carefully nurtured from day one. This ensures the finest home-grown chicken meat, which is both delicious and responsibly produced.

My Role

My responsibility involved designing the website and the order platform. In addition to creating the designs, I also contributed to the front-end development of the landing page.

Project date: 2023

Type: UX/UI design and Front-end Development
Technology used: Figma, Vue framework


In designing the landing page, I chose illustrations of farms and chickens to bring visitors closer to the authentic atmosphere of rural life. I selected a soft color palette that reflects nature with an emphasis on green and yellow tones, creating a warm and inviting feeling. This design was carefully chosen to reflect the image of Grgar Farm, its rich history, and its commitment to rearing chickens.

The purpose of the page was to clearly and attractively present the farm's values and the high quality of their meat products.
Grgar Farm Website Grgar Farm Website Grgar Farm Website

Ordering Platform

As customers of Grgar Farm were previously ordering only via telephone or in person, and with a steadily increasing demand, they decided to expand their story. To achieve this, they established an online store to simplify the meat ordering process. My role in this development was to design the user experience to be as straightforward as possible, considering that the target audience is primarily the older generation.
Grgar Farm Platform Grgar Farm Platform

The impact

The creation of website and the platform has proven to be an excellent move. It allowed them to dedicate more time to farm work and chicken rearing, while also tripling the number of products ordered.


products ordered in the first 6 months

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