• UX/UI Design
  • Front-end Development
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Hodl.si is an innovative website that not only offers student room rentals but also provides a modern and comfortable living experience. With 12 modernly furnished rooms designed to meet the needs of the contemporary student, this website represents the ideal choice for those seeking quality student accommodation. Each room is equipped with everything necessary for study and rest, and in addition, there are communal areas such as a large kitchen, a spacious living room for relaxation, and multiple bathrooms, ensuring comfort and privacy.

My Role

My task was to create an attractive and user-friendly website, whose primary goal was to showcase student rooms in the best possible light. To add a unique touch and enhance the user experience, I implemented an interactive floor plan in the hero section of the website. This dynamic element allows users to reach the chosen room with just one click.

Project date: 2019

Type: UX/UI design, Font-end development
Technology used: Sketch, Bootstrap, PHP
HODL Website HODL Website
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