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  • Full-stack Development
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Quantifly helps management and HR professionals make confident decisions based on objective insights into organizational culture, climate and structure. Quantifly enables companies to identify key employees, detect issues within the organizational structure, systematically increase employee engagement, prevent burnout, and eliminate information bottlenecks. Is uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis, sociometry, and employee competency assessments to gain detailed insights and recommendations for improvements in critical areas of the company.

My Role

At Quantifly, I held a variety of responsibilities. My initial role involved creating the logo and the overall visual brand identity. Beyond that, I also designer a data-gathering questionnaire, designed and programmed the platform for partners and interactive game, and took on the role of product owner.

Duration: Mar 2022 — Mar 2024

Type: UX/UI design, User research, Brand Identity, Full-stack development, Prototypes and Testing, Product development
Technology used: Figma, Webflow, Angular, Laravel, SvelteKit, Supabase

Corporate Identity

In designing the logo and the overall visual identity, we followed modern trends, creating a logo that is simple yet striking and recognizable.
Quantifly Corporate Identity Quantifly Corporate Identity


To capture customer data, we created a customized questionnaire designed to be extremely user-friendly. The primary goal was to ensure that the questionnaire could be easily completed by all users, including those with limited computer literacy. In addition, I assisted with front-end development.
Quantifly Questionnaire


For the website, I started from the visual identity that I had created. The site itself is modern and contains a clear presentation of what Quantifly is. I also included a case study on the website, which demonstrates the practical application of our services and how they can benefit potential clients. This allows them to better understand our approach and the effectiveness of the solutions we offer.
Quantifly Website Quantifly Blog

Interactive game

To better showcase our services and what customers can expect from us, we have developed an interactive game that guides them through their current challenges. The game interactively acquaints them with how our services can effectively address and resolve their specific needs.
Quantifly Game

Quantifly platform

The platform allows our partners and clients to easily create a new analysis. After the analysis is created, they receive a link to the survey, and upon the completion of data collection, we generate a report with the gathered information and recommendations for further improvements.
Quantifly Platform

The impact

As a startup, we have established a strong reputation in the Slovenian HR market within two years. During this time, we have significantly increased our brand awareness and hosted two major events with the presence of over 100 HR professionals. Additionally, we have achieved:


corporate collaborations


capured people

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