• UX/UI Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Front-end Development
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Nowadays, we often face the issue of counterfeit products, whether they are luxury watches or footwear. The idea of VALUS company is to enable manufacturers to use blockchain technology and QR codes to protect customers from purchasing counterfeit goods. In this process, when a product is manufactured, data about it is entered into the blockchain, and the system generates a unique QR code that is affixed to the product. This code allows customers to scan and verify the product information, confirming its authenticity. Furthermore, after purchase, a buyer can register ownership, which further verifies that they are the actual owner of the product.

My Role

As the founder and CEO of VALUS, my role extended beyond leadership duties. I was also responsible for crafting the corporate visual identity, developing design solutions for our web platform, and designing the mobile application.

Duration: 2017 - 2018

Type: Founder and CEO, Brand identity, UX/UI design
Technology used: Sketch, Bootstrap, Python, Django

Visual Identity

The name VALUS is derived from the word ''Value.'' In designing the logo, I was inspired by the concept of the blockchain, wherein the logo represents two blocks or nodes interconnected. This symbolizes our aim to forge a strong connection between manufacturers and end consumers.
VALUS Corporate Identity


The platform enabled manufacturers to register new products, and in doing so, the blockchain would automatically generate a unique QR code for each item. It also allowed the addition of retail locations where the products are sold and included a comprehensive CRM system for efficient management of company employees.
VALUS Platform VALUS Platform


In designing the website, I highlighted the key advantages of the VALUS platform, while also providing detailed descriptions of the types of identities VALUS is designed for. The website reflects a modern style and provides all the necessary information that a company or individual client needs.
VALUS Website VALUS Website

Mobile App

End users can scan a product through a mobile application and check information about it. If they are the owners of the product, they can register their ownership, thereby confirming that they are the legitimate purchasers of the product. This functionality allows them to mark the product as lost or stolen in case of loss or theft. A product marked in such a way will be clearly indicated as lost or stolen when scanned by other users via its QR code, increasing the chances of it being returned to the rightful owner.
VALUS Mobile app VALUS Mobile app


As the founder and CEO of VALUS, I developed a platform for companies and a mobile app for customers. Both platforms were in the Beta phase and underwent testing with partners and prospective users. Moving forward, we aim to introduce new functionalities on both the mobile platform and for companies.

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